Day 13 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Today we walked around Edinburgh. There were many sites to see and miles of roads to walk down.

We started off near Edinburgh Castle and walked down the royal mile. It was filled with many old buildings and lots and I mean LOTS of touristy souvenir shops. Most carrying pretty much the same old stuff. Scarves and kilts. Scarves and kilts.. etc.

The churches were amazing. Mammoth compared to our churches back home. The stained glass windows were so colorful.


The wind was super strong today, reports were up to 40 mph gusts. And boy we sure felt those gusts. We’ve sure seen the weather change from summer to fall on this trip. Back in Bristol it was very warm. T-Shirt weather, but in Scotland it’s more like super warm jacket weather. Luckily it did not rain today, we just had to deal with the wind. I’ll take wind over rain any day though.


We found s great pub today called Tolbooth Tavern. We had a beer and hung out for a bit to rest our tired feet.



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